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Dedicated Managed services

  • Our dedicated connection up to 1 GBIT / S gives you the ability to work with higher capacities!

  • It’s quick, high-capacity, secure and robust! There is no sharing the bandwidth, it’s all yours.

  • Firewalls with integrated threat protection and web- filtering security features


The Bigger Bits

  • Wi-Fi

  • FREE 03## gives a national feel using local cost rates

  • Lower cost calls

  • Voice over Internet Protocol plus SIP trunking

  • Internet, email, web content filtering


Payment options to suit you

You can choose a monthly, quarterly or annual payment plan – whichever suits you and your business.


Easily manage your costs with great prices and fixed-price options


Price Match Guarantee

If you can find the price cheaper elsewhere we will match it!

Full control over your bandwidth

Easy to flex when demand changes and easy to budget with the knowledge of all the fixed costs up front. You’ll only ever pay for the bandwidth you need.

IPV4 & IPV6 static addresses

A static IP address is unique, does not change, and will enable you to -

  • Connect to your network from anywhere in the world

  • Run your own email server (and associate it with your domain name)

  • Point domain names to your servers and equipment

  • Set up your own secure Virtual Private Network

  • Run your own website and FTP server

  • Run CCTV on your network


Up and running in no time

Need broadband in a hurry, don’t worry we can turn it around for you in less than a week.

Mist Over Skyscrapers
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